lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

The Band Perry - If I Die Young

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Inés dijo...

Bella cancion. Algo trite peo muy conmovedora. Lo que tu publicas Alberto,toca profundamente.

I always think you two are very lucky for having met,the destiny surprisingly. Very romantic women like us need kisses and caresses all time, feel the passion. This is essential, when lack only remain dream. But you do not have to dream, you live a reality. He not is any man, you have the perfect man
with you. He thinks before in you, what you need and feel.I know very well, natural Delivery and unconditional,is something surprising for any man is so romantic and attentive. No one is like him. I envy you.
Life is too short. see our daughters growing up, beautiful and happy, see pass the things of life, but us do not have to forget of ourselves, without fear,
thinking in life at the end of walk, the important thing is to feel. He awaits on your way, this is beautiful, is the dream of every woman a special man ready for everything, for you and you for him. not is easy, but you two can do. Is very romantic.Feels, lives and believes.I get excited. Kisses dear.

Enamórame con tus palabras dijo...

Me parece que este blog es muuuuy interesante y que me voy a quedar por aquí mucho tiempo. Me gusta lo que publicas, así que aquí tienes una seguidora más.

Hasta pronto :)

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